Unity as a Good Game Development Platform for Beginner


By: Veronika Stephanie

Technology is something that will always be developing as we people always try to improve our way of living. As this happens, the technology in gaming world also improves. Therefore, we need a game development platform that can cover for that. Unity for example, a development platform that reach many kind of platform such as playstation virtual reality, Gear Virtual Reality, XBOX, PS Vita, and many more. However, many people nowadays like to try to develop their own games. How does unity cover everything for beginners so that beginners can experience themselves to make games? I myself am a beginner that have tried to use unity to create a simple drag and drop game using mouse. How can that be? Well, unity has their own official website which really helps beginner like me.

First of all, in unity’s website, there is a learn feature. Even though you have no experience at all in coding, unity will give you a lesson from the very beginning you can go to the expert level. It also provides the script and videos of how to script to make it clearer. Moreover, questions and answers in unity website are also available, which is really helpful because usually the problem that we are going to ask have been provided because other people have already asked about it. Besides that, unity also give us feature to download unity for free to create our own games and that is very useful for beginners because I believe that practice makes it perfect, so the more you practice the more experience you have. There are also many sample of games and script that are available for us to be learned, and the explanations are also clear enough for beginners. There are also several types of games that were given in unity that we can try as a consideration for us to make a game.

Besides unity’s helpful website, unity also use several scripting languages such as C sharp and Java Script to develop the game. Also, we can use our own integrated development environment such as visual studio to run the code. Unity also provide library of several keywords for us to be explored. All we need to do is just click control and apostrophe in windows or click command and apostrophe in mac in a certain word while we are coding to know how to use that keyword or function of an object.

In conclusion, unity is very helpful for beginners who want to experience how to make multiplatform games as Unity provides a website that consist of several information that you need such as learn section where you can find several script and videos, question and answer so that you can get a trusted answer, several games to be tried so that we can compare the games for our consideration. Unity also provide free version for us to be downloaded. Furthermore, we can script the code using several scripting languages such as C sharp and Java Script where we can easily access the keyword completion in a library that have been provided by unity.

Pollite App

Project Overview

Pollite is a hybrid app for Android, developed using Ionic Framework (ionicframework.com) and Firebase (https://firebase.google.com/). The development team consists of three CS Research Assistants (Albert Darmawan, Ieuan Ignatius, and Ferdi Pratama), with the help from CS Faculty Members. This app is developed in approximately 7 months, and it has been deployed to Google Play Store (http://bit.ly/2hBW5b9). The repository is located at Gitlab private repository (Community Edition), with Albert Darmawan as the repository owner (https://gitlab.com/darmawanalbert/Polite/).

Pollite is an online survey app, where the user can create, distribute, and analyze a polling at ease. It contains several main features, which are:
● User Authentication with email-password combo, Google account, and Facebook account
● Account Registration
● Forgot Password
● Live search
● Browse Polling
● Fill Polling
● Analyze existing Polling
● Create and distribute a new Polling

After a discussion with Mr. Raymond Kosala, we officially terminate this project. There are some features and revisions that hasn’t been implemented, due to various reasons. Some of them are:
● Convert the polling results to various data type, such as .csv or .xls
● Email the polling results to user’s email address
● Better UI for various charts
● Share polling through a link generated by the program
● Desktop version of Pollite, so user can access Pollite across multiple devices

Here are the major activities during the development of Pollite :
March 2016
● Gather business requirements
● Generate list of features
● First prototype using Photoshop and Invision
April 2016
● 1st Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about main features and the first prototype
● Setup Ionic and Firebase for Development
● Setup Git VCS in Gitlab.com
May 2016
● Develop the Alpha version
● 2nd and 3rd Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about the current Alpha version and its revision
June 2016
● Develop the Beta version
● Design a brand identity for Pollite
July 2016-September 2016
● 4th and 5th Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about the current Beta version and its revision
● Submit Pollite to Binus Innovation Awards 2016
● Fixes several bugs
● Develop some additional features
● The project is officially terminated


Brand Identity

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 2.05.07 pm



Source: BNSD

In the arduous battle against corruption practices in Indonesia, KPK or the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Committee plays an important role in ensuring that corruption practices will not spread and corrupters are detained to receive proper retribution for their deeds. Apparently, KPK strive to achieve more in its attempt to eradicate corruption in Indonesia, that is by reaching out to younger generations.

KPK has an initiative called the ACLC which stands for Anti Corruption Learning Center, established in December 2011. Its main goal is to support the attempt of corruption eradication through education where anti-corruption will be the main focus of its activities. This year, the KPK through the ACLC decided to adapt another approach in educating younger generation: through playing games, especially board games.

In doing so, they had the support from Mr. Eko Nugroho the GameLab Principal Researcher and the founder of Kummara Game Developer. He and his team of game designers from Kummara to create seven prototypes of board games with anti-corruption and honesty as its main theme and focus. Also supporting the creation of these prototypes were Binus Gamelab and students from Graphic Design and New Media program from Binus Northumbria School of Design (BNSD).

The students involved were Koletta Anastasia, Intan Putri Pratiwi, Claudia Stephanie, and Anak Agung Ayu Putriadinda Kirana, all of which are batch 2017 students from Graphic Design major. This team of students were helping the team from Kummara in creating illustrations for six out of seven prototypes of board game for KPK. The initial meeting between these two teams were discussing the details of the six board game prototypes the students were going to help create, and getting the students to understand the content and the message of the game to be conveyed through their illustrations.


Several pre-existing cards for the board game, the students will have to match the illustrations’ look and feel with these items

During the process of creating the illustrations, the students team were working closely with Rio Fredericco (The Project Leader) and Brendan Satria(Lead Designer). The students regularly shown their progress starting from their rough sketches up until the final illustrations.


Some of the processes underwent by the students’ team in creating the illustrations

After the illustrations has been accepted by Rio and Brendan, they were finally being processed to be displayed during the KPK Playday; an event held by KPK to socialize the board game prototypes and to hold playtest session. The event was attended by several high-school and elementary students, anti-corruption university students community, as well as various magazines and organisations.

Mr. Eko Nugroho and Mr. Laode M. Syarif gave an opening speech during the KPK Playday, held on Friday, April 15th, 2016
Mr. Eko Nugroho and Mr. Laode M. Syarif gave an opening speech during the KPK Playday, held on Friday, April 15th, 2016

At the KPK playday, which was held on Friday, April 15th, 2016, the students team had the chance to actually visit the KPK building and meet the game designers. The event was opened by Mr. Laode M. Syarif, the deputy head of KPK who also promoted their previously made digital game which is also geared towards anti-corruption education called ‘Sahabat Pemberani’. It was quite an exciting moment for everyone to see their design finally being realised and seen by everyone for the playtest session.

The students are posing with the game designers and their illustrations during the KPK Playday.
The students are posing with the game designers and their illustrations during the KPK Playday.


It’s official, The GameLab was launched on March 17, 2016 at Binus University International, fX Sudirman Campus. The event, entitled “GameLab STAGE:01” attracted more than 60 attendees, ranging from academics, students, industry practitioners, and government officials. STAGE, whichstands for “Seminar, Talk, and Gathering Event”, is one of the series of activities conducted by Binus University International GameLab to promote discussions on research and development of games in Indonesia with people from industry, government, academicians, and the community.


This event was opened at 13:00 WIB by Dr. Yaya Heryadi, Head of GameLab and Principal Researcher, with an introduction of the lab organizational structure, vision mission, and range of activities. The GameLab itself aims to advance games development in Indonesia through research and education. Games should function beyond entertainment and touch other aspects of human life, such as health and moral education. In the future, the Lab is planning to expand its members to larger game communities.


The next speaker is Eko Nugroho M.Sc., the GameLab Principal Researcher and the founder of Kummara Game Developer. Mr. Eko Nugroho shared his thought about giving new perspectives to the Indonesia game industry. He believes that game, which is not always digital, is one unique way to solve problems in our society. For example, there are games designed for physical and psychological therapy, to promote anti-corruption mindset, and many more.


On March 20, 2016, GameLab held Game at Work. In this event, digital games and board games have been introduced. Lecturers and students from several program participated in this event. Gang beasts became the most favorite games.

Theme: A very competitive multiplayer

Time and Date: 10th of March 2016

Game Played:

– AquaSphere

– Kampai (Prototype )

– King’s Feud ( Prototype )

– Senggal Senggol gang damai (Prototype)

– Towerfall Ascension

– Gang Beasts

Most Game played:

– Gang beasts

Least game played:

– Senggal senggol gang damai

DSC_2211_sm DSC_2216_sm DSC_2212_sm DSC_2222_sm DSC_2215_sm DSC_2220_sm DSC_2221_sm


On Thursday, March 3, 2016, GameLab held Board at Work event for the first time at Binus International, fX Sudirman Campus. Several lecturers and students attend this event. Dany Aditya, a board game developer also participated with his wife, Fei. He brought several board games, including his prototype board games (Le Voleur).

Theme: An Introduction to boardgame

Time and Date: 3rd of March 2016.

Game Played:

– Dixit

– Saboteur

– Camel Up!

– Agricola

– Lantern

– Patchwork

– Zombie Fluxx

– Monopoly

– Cheaty Mages

– Kampai ( Prototype )

– Le Voleur ( Prototype )

Most game played:

– Saboteur, Dixit

Least game played:

– Agricola

Game Reviewed:

– Dixit

– Camel Up!

– Le Voleur

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