By Angela Larasati (2001591022)

On the 28th of February, several students from BNSD and Computer Science had the chance to join a game prototyping event held in Binus International FX Campus. The game that would be tested were made by Masbro, a game developer from Indonesia. According to them, game prototyping is very important, especially for board games, as it involved external factors like people and their way in playing the games. Therefore, we had to list down the good and bad things about each game and give our inputs after we finished each game.

We played two different games that day, which were Bluffing Billionaire and Santet. Bluffing Billionaire was the first game we played, and the mechanism was very easy to understand so we could play around 2 up to 3 different rounds at that time. The idea of using public figures as the characters along with their richness and ability to attack other players was very unique and interesting. However, the game was done in circle, so we could only bluff to the person next to us. It would be better if we could bluff to the entire players and be attacked by all of the players as well.

On the other hand, Santet was harder to be understood as there were more rules and mechanism to follow. The game was all about attacking each other based on our character. Different characters meant different powers. Unfortunately, we found that one or two characters were overpowered and once they attack, the game would end or restart the game instantly. However, we enjoyed playing it as much as we played the previous one.

As we rarely held this kind of event in our campus, the enthusiasm of the students towards this was very high although board game is not as famous as digital video games nowadays. It might take some time at the beginning to understand the rules and mechanism of board games. However, board games do not require screens or monitors, but it requires direct human interactions. Through board games, people gather together and play together. Board games could turn strangers into friends or even friends into opponents. There were so many emotions that came out of each player; surprised when being attacked, depressed when it came to bankruptcy, and mostly joy that turned into laughter. It was a very enjoyable evening in the middle of our hectic school days.

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