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It’s official, The GameLab was launched on March 17, 2016 at Binus University International, fX Sudirman Campus. The event, entitled “GameLab STAGE:01” attracted more than 60 attendees, ranging from academics, students, industry practitioners, and government officials. STAGE, whichstands for “Seminar, Talk, and Gathering Event”, is one of the series of activities conducted by Binus University International GameLab to promote discussions on research and development of games in Indonesia with people from industry, government, academicians, and the community.


This event was opened at 13:00 WIB by Dr. Yaya Heryadi, Head of GameLab and Principal Researcher, with an introduction of the lab organizational structure, vision mission, and range of activities. The GameLab itself aims to advance games development in Indonesia through research and education. Games should function beyond entertainment and touch other aspects of human life, such as health and moral education. In the future, the Lab is planning to expand its members to larger game communities.


The next speaker is Eko Nugroho M.Sc., the GameLab Principal Researcher and the founder of Kummara Game Developer. Mr. Eko Nugroho shared his thought about giving new perspectives to the Indonesia game industry. He believes that game, which is not always digital, is one unique way to solve problems in our society. For example, there are games designed for physical and psychological therapy, to promote anti-corruption mindset, and many more.

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