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The purpose of this game:

The purpose of this game is to win the race.

The procedure for the action:

It is started by a player (called an active player) to select a card and describe the image on his/her card without show it to the other players. The rest of the players will choose their own card based on this description and give it to the active player without show it to everyone. Then active player will open and arrange all those cards in the provided columns with numbers on it. Then all players will guess the card that belongs to the active player by selecting the card number. After calculate the points for each player, they need to move their avatar and get one replacement card for each player to continue the game.

Rules governing:

There are a number of rules in this game. They are: (1) If all players can guess the active player card, all player will get three points except the active player. (2) If some of the players can guess the active player card correctly, they including the active player will three points. Additional 1 point per each player will be added for a player when some of the other players choose his/her card. (3) if none of the players (except the active player) guess the card correctly, the active player will get 3 point, and  additional 1 point per each player also will be added for a player when some of the other players choose his/her card

The number of required participants:

This game can be played with 3 up to 6 players.

Roles of participants:

There are two roles of player in this game. They are the active player and the other players. Active player means the player that got a turn to choose the card and describe the card for the rest player. The other players are the rest of the players who give a card to the active player and also who guess a card that belongs to the active player.

Participant interaction patterns:

This game has multilateral action pattern, which is a competition between one active player and the rest of the players. However, since the goal is to move their avatar to the finish line, each player will compete individually among all players.

Results or pay off:

The result of the actions is to get the points that used to move the avatar to finish the race. The winner is the player who reaches the finish line in the first place.

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