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Augmented Reality Content: What is and How to?

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By Angela Larasati (2001591022) On the 28th of February, several students from BNSD and Computer Science had the chance to join a game prototyping event held in Binus International FX Campus. The game that would be tested were made by Masbro, a game developer from Indonesia. According to them, game prototyping is very important, especially […] Read More »

Eutopia Project

Project Overview Eutopia is a project that aims to create a digital environment that human can perceive in their daily activities. Unlike virtual reality that isolates human’s perception into the virtual world, with augmented reality (AR) human can still doing daily activities in the real world while enjoying the AR enhanced the environment. An ideal […] Read More »

Augmented Reality Content: What is and How to?

Mediated reality is the term to describe the ability to add or subtract information in order to manipulate human’s perception of the world. Virtual Reality (VR) is one subcategory in mediated reality which is now getting popular in entertainment related contents like video games and movies. There exists a sibling of VR, another subcategory of […] Read More »

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Reviewers: Faldy Hamid and Ida Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba Writing a cast of interesting, engaging, and relatable characters for video games is a really difficult. However, Thomas Was Alone does an incredible thing; it shows that it is possible to write characters that the player can genuinely care about, and it does so with a gang […] Read More »


Reviewers: Ferdy Pratama, Ieuan Ignatius, and Albert Darmawan on March 4, 2016 Imagination, perception, and wording are all you need to win this game. Imagination is needed in the game because you need to decide what words you are going to use to describe a card which will be used. Just like the metaphor “a […] Read More »


Reviewers: Ferdy Pratama, Ieuan Ignatius, Aaron Mihardja, and Albert Darmawan Do you want to fight like gangs swags with no bones and rubber-like body? Have you wanted to play a wrestling game? Or have you ever watch movies with gangs actions? Well, Gang Beasts is for you! This is not just another wrestling video game […] Read More »

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WINDOWS 8 GAME APPS BY BINUS INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Below is the list of Windows 8 game apps created by Binus International students that already in Windows 8 store. Most of the apps created by students from School of Computer Science, some apps created by students from School of Information Systems. Students from School of Design […] Read More »


Math has never been this fun! Twenty Four is a math based game where we have to create the number Twenty Four using all four numbers available and the four basic operators. Just click any number then any operator, combine it with the next number to perform the equation. It cannot be simpler than that! […] Read More »

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