By Angela Larasati (2001591022) On the 28th of February, several students from BNSD and Computer Science had the chance to join a game prototyping event held in Binus International FX Campus. The game that would be tested were made by Masbro, a game developer from Indonesia. According to them, game prototyping is very important, especially […] Read More »

Eutopia Project

Project Overview Eutopia is a project that aims to create a digital environment that human can perceive in their daily activities. Unlike virtual reality that isolates human’s perception into the virtual world, with augmented reality (AR) human can still doing daily activities in the real world while enjoying the AR enhanced the environment. An ideal […] Read More »

Augmented Reality Content: What is and How to?

Mediated reality is the term to describe the ability to add or subtract information in order to manipulate human’s perception of the world. Virtual Reality (VR) is one subcategory in mediated reality which is now getting popular in entertainment related contents like video games and movies. There exists a sibling of VR, another subcategory of […] Read More »

TUTORIALS: How to Develop Simple Bluetooth Android Application

By: Hansvin Tandi Sugata The wireless-networking standard technology called bluetooth has quite become a common way to replace the wires on short distances. The term of Bluetooth was invented by Erricson in 1994. Bluetooth uses radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz (same as WIFI, but using a different technology). With […] Read More »

API, the developers’ assistant

By: Ferlix Yanto Wang API, which is also known as Application Programming Interface, is a sequence of program instructions that perform a specific task for building application software. API allows communication and data transfer between various software components from different devices. API can be used in an operating system, web-based system, database system, software library, […] Read More »

Accelerometer and Gyroscope in Android Motion Sensors

By: Kensen Older version of Android devices implement accelerometer and magnetometer to monitor the motion of the device. Accelerometer measures the linear acceleration of the device relative to the gravitational acceleration along one dimension, while magnetometer measures direction and strength of magnetic field along one dimension (like a compass). However, the use of magnetometer in […] Read More »

Leap motion: its past and its future

By: Yoshua Muliawan Leap motion is a relatively brand new American tech startup which focuses on producing and developing specialized computer hardware sensors that detects finger and palm motion as input. First developed in 2008, Leap motion has since produced an array of products such as the consumer – marketed leap controller as well as […] Read More »

Raspberry Pi as the Future of Computing

By: Christoper Lychealdo Technology is always developing and is always in a constant flux. One of the most interesting development and also one the most celebrated development is the size of electronic devices. The size of electronic devices gets smaller and thinner every time a new device is released to the market. Be it smartphones, […] Read More »

Pebble for “First-Time” Developers

By: Archel Taneka & Hansvin Tandi Sugata  Have you ever thought about build and develop your own app? You might think that building and developing an app is difficult for beginners who can even barely shout “Hello World” to the console. But shame on that! We programmers are not bounded by limits, beginners can also […] Read More »

Leap Motion Sensor as A Potential Input Device

By: Radityo Noeraldi Arief The use of input devices such as the mouse, keyboard and joystick has always been necessary to control and send information to applications inside a computer. As technology is changing, input devices are also evolving to suit most of the changes. Before Sony created a physical keyboard especially for the PlayStation […] Read More »

Unity as a Good Game Development Platform for Beginner

By: Veronika Stephanie Technology is something that will always be developing as we people always try to improve our way of living. As this happens, the technology in gaming world also improves. Therefore, we need a game development platform that can cover for that. Unity for example, a development platform that reach many kind of platform […] Read More »