• PIC: Eko NugrohoIda Bagus Kerthyayana Manuaba,
  • Student(s): Albert Darmawan and Ieuan Ignatius
  • Abstract: In the era of ASEAN open market, Indonesia’s people requires to prepare themselves from a situation where they need to compete with other people from others ASEAN countries. Reading behaviour is an important factor in building a society that is ready to face global competition era. Reading behaviour become important since it helps people to develop their mind; expand creativity and imagination; and also discover new things. However, the average reading behaviour of Indonesian, especially for young generation, is classified still low. There are five aspects associated with improving a reading behaviour in Indonesia: (1) the low availability of reading infrastructure; (2) the scarce access to high-quality libraries and books; (3) great disparity in the quality of education between rural and urban areas; (4) minimum support from parents and/or teacher in building reading behaviour for their children; and (5) lack of enthusiasm in reading. One of potential way in addressing these challenges is utilising game text-based that encourage user to interact with the interface by using text character with minimal to no graphic. With the available technology of smartphones and tablets, text-based games are potential to be one of tools to motivate people to do reading activities. It is evidenced by most youths nowadays prefer using their smartphones rather than reading books. In this proposal we propose a project to develop text-based games that has a possibility to motivate and/or develop a reading behaviour for youths, it includes collecting material, developing the system and providing the training and testing for the sample communities. The sample audience of this project will be focused on youth generation from a number of provinces in Indonesia. The outcome of this project will be a prototype text-based game application and the pre-evaluation on the possibility of text-based games in encouraging young generation to improve their reading behaviour.
  • Keywords: reading behaviour, text-based games
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  • PIC: Raymond Bahana and Bayu Dirgantoro Prakoso
  • Abstract: Modern computer graphic today make technology possible for display to go well beyond what was known in the reality. This technology could create the duplication of real environment and animation that is known as Virtual Reality (VR). However, the usage of this technology is fairly new to be implemented, especially in Indonesia. Since VR technology is potential to bring new experiences in delivering information. In Indonesia’s journalism, this technology begins to be more popular. It opens the opportunity of media journalism to utilise this VR technology to provide information and educate their audiences. Since, this technology has a lot of potentials there is an idea to conduct a research to optimise the usage VR technology for journalism, which will help the journalistic media to determine the suitable topic that could be used with this VR application. And also to determine which product or platform that will be affordable and suitable for the audience. In this proposal, a research is proposed to address these questions that more related to journalism area, especially journalism in Indonesia.
  • Keywords: Virtual Reality, game, journalism
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